Safety & Security

Bishopscourt Village’s Security Scheme started on 1st December 2002 with the launch of a Bicycle Patrol which brought about a noticeable decrease in incidents of crime in the Village. It is arguably one of the best-performing bicycle patrol schemes in Cape Town. This can be attributed to the BVRA committee working closely with Fidelity ADT to ensure that minimum requirements are met each month.

In 2017 the BVRA Security Scheme was augmented by the installation of License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras throughout Bishopscourt. These cameras are part of a greater network of cameras across Cape Town’s southern suburbs which are monitored automatically by Verifier using LPRCloudSA.

All Bishopscourt Village residents benefit from the BVRA Security Scheme, therefore everyone should subscribe to it unless they can genuinely not afford to do so. A participation level in excess of 80% needs to be maintained in order for the scheme to be cost-effective. Subscription to the BVRA Security Scheme via the BVRA automatically confers free BVRA membership, and has the added benefit of discounted alarm monitoring and armed response fees for Fidelity ADT members; a similar discount can be applied to those whose home alarm is linked to a competitor company eg Chubb. Please contact us for the current subscription rate, payment options and BVRA banking details.

The BVRA Bicycle Patrol provides ground-level security coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Three officers are employed on a continuous roster cycle. Bicycle Patrol officers will raise an alert if they notice security lapses such as driveway gates or garage doors standing open, and will assist with Fidelity ADT’s ‘meet and greet’ home rendezvous service when called upon to do so.

The effective patrolling of the whole of BV is assured by a Baton Monitoring System and 24-hour efficiency reports which the BV Security Coordinator receives daily at 06h00. The BV Security Coordinator is also in constant communication with security coordinators in neighbouring areas. The BV Security Coordinator will notify BV Security Scheme participants about crimes committed within BV, and will warn residents about suspicious persons, security concerns, or crime trends and any serious crime incidents which occur in neighbouring areas.

A bicycle patrol will not result in zero crime – no scheme will. It is a proactive effort to prevent crime, allowing us to feel safer in our neighbourhood. Residents still need to maintain adequate security measures on their property and remain alert at all times.

Crime Reporting

All BV residents, including non-members of the BVRA, are requested to report incidents of crime to the BV Security Coordinator and to Claremont SAPS immediately after the crime has occurred. Residents are also encouraged to notify Fidelity ADT (or your other security company) and the BV Security Coordinator about any suspicious persons or activities.

Contact details for crime reporting:
a) BVRA Security Coordinator –
b) Fidelity ADT – 086 12 12 300
c) Verifier (emergencies only) – 086 111 6023 or 079 217 3118
d) SAPS Claremont, Imam Haroun Road – 021 657 2250 / 2240

If a crime is being committed:
Immediately activate your panic alarm to notify your security company.
Phone Verifier (subscribers only); they will dispatch a security vehicle to your house and notify SAPS.

If your vehicle has been stolen:
Immediately report to Verifier (subscribers only) so that they can review camera footage, load your car registration number onto the LPR database to trigger alerts, and inform SAPS and the Flying Squad. Contact SAPS to open a case docket. You will need your vehicle registration papers.

Reporting suspicious person(s):
Before reporting any suspicious person or activity, ensure that you have a clear idea as to what has made you suspicious. A person’s skin colour or clothing do not constitute suspicious behaviour; actions do. Security responders will not accost someone on a “feeling” that someone merely looked suspicious.

Details needed when reporting crime/suspicious persons:

  • Location, including direction from/to which the vehicle/person came/is heading
  • Description of the vehicle/person, with attention given to identifying characteristics such as:
    • vehicles: state of repair including scrapes, rust, missing licence plate/hubcap/light, etc;
    • people: size/build, facial features, scars etc; concentrate on what is worn on the lower half of the body, especially shoes: hats/beanies & jackets can easily be taken off or added.


  • Verifier may only be contacted by paid-up subscribers to report emergencies. To follow up any crime, contact the police officer assigned to the case.
  • Verifier may not provide CCTV recordings or images to residents, as per City of Cape Town CCTV Policy; such details are confidential and may only be given to SAPS detectives, not to the BVRA or any victim of crime.

Security Advisories