Recycling and Waste Drop-off Sites

This is designed to offer Bishopscourt Village residents some insight into and options for what can be recycled, how and where.


City of Cape Town’s Waste Drop-off sites:
Drop-off site closest to Bishopscourt Village = WYNBERG drop-off, Rosmead Ave, near Wynberg Fire Station
For further information see City of Cape Town’s waste drop-off page

Oasis Association in Imam Haron Rd (cnr of Lee Rd) run a very efficient recycling service, giving useful employment to persons with intellectual disabilities.  They are well worth supporting. They also accept good quality second hand books and household items for sale in their charity shop. They are open weekdays and Saturday mornings. Visit their website for more details.

Incredible Connection and Makro provide containers and bins for an electronic waste company which collects anything that uses electricity, from hairdryers to computers. Visit the Desco website to read more. 

Pick ‘n Pay and Woolworths have recycling bins at selected stores for items such as batteries, compact flourescent lights, ink cartridges, plastic bags and plastic packaging. 

Vineyard Hotel, Newlands:
The hotel supports an initiative that recycles corks into fire-retardant flooring in low-income homes. BVRA Committee members will happily channel your corks to the BVRA Secretary who will deliver them to the hotel. Note that this offer applies to corks only! Alternatively, corks may be dropped off at the hotel reception or simply hand to any of the Porters or Doormen who will make sure they get where they need to go. 


Items below can be taken to CoCT Drop-off facilities and/or Oasis – exceptions are noted. Refer to individual recycling collection companies for their own lists of what they will accept.

CANS: cooldrink cans & food tins (rinsed)
CARDOARD: all household & office cardboard eg egg boxes, cereal boxes, toilet rolls, cardboard separating wine bottles etc.
CORKS – see Vineyard Hotel
GLASS: glass bottles & jars
PAPER: newspapers, magazines, junk mail/pamphlets on white or coloured paper, envelopes including those with windows or self-adhesive flaps
PLASTIC BAGS & PACKAGING: including bubblewrap, plastic packaging eg around magazines, shrink-wrap from 6-packs, etc – also at Pick ‘n Pay
PLASTIC CONTAINERS: recycling grades 1, 2 & 5 (number 1, 2 or 5 enclosed in a triangle) eg ice cream or yoghurt tubs; plastic bottles from cooldrink, milk, juice, water, household cleaning agents; certain containers from fresh produce eg herbs & vegetables
PLASTIC CONTAINERS – recycling grades other than 1, 2 & 5 or unspecified: CoCT sites (NOT Oasis)
POLYSTYRENE – CoCT sites (NOT Oasis)
TETRAPAKS: foil-lined juice- or milk cartons, rinsed (snip off a corner for ease of rinsing & draining) – CoCT sites (NOT Oasis)

Recycling Collection Companies

BV residents have made use of the following companies:
Abundance Recycling
Kool Waste: contact Barry Visagie 072 129 5787 
Mr Recycle

Other websites of interest

The ABC of Recyclable Waste
The National Recycling Forum website  
Polystyrene recycling
Postwink for lots of useful resources